Talent recruitment tips from Groupon.

FORTUNE reports that , — Groupon — the soon-to-IPO online discounter has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. Dan Jessup, the head of people strategy, feels Recruiting talent for Groupon requires a lot of improvisation .Groupon is a hot employment brand and needs to recruit the right people.  Some tips from Dan. 

Use employees for referrals

 About 40% of new hires come from employees — that works especially well from top performers. Job openings are also posted on the company website.

 Speed is key

Groupon hires fast by having internal recruiters partner with hiring managers. They use tracking software connected to social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. Some Saturdays are reserved for mass interview days, where every hiring manager is in and focused.

 Be objective — at first

Important tip, though the hiring decision will still be subjective. Skills testing is role specific.

Learn to improvise

Instead of the usual stock questions, the conversation with the potential candidates is free-flowing and avoids clichéd dodginess.

Focus on fit

Make people comfortable when attending an interview .The work place must look inviting and energetic to prospective candidates.


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