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  1. Ivanka Trump in Ethiopia hails Addis Ababa as ‘Africa’s highest city’:

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the United States president and advisor at the White House on Sunday morning arrived in Ethiopia – the first leg of her two-nation African tour. On arrival at the Bole International Airport, she tweet: “Just landed in Addis Ababa – the diplomatic capital of Africa and the continent’s highest city! ”Ethiopia as the diplomatic capital of Africa is premised on the fact that it hosts the offices of the African Union Commission. The World Atlas portal says Addis Ababa was Africa’s highest capital in terms of altitude with 2355 meters, equivalent to 7726 feet. It seems to be the metric used in labeling it the ‘highest capital. ’She has since met with Ambassador Michael Raynor and other top officials of the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa ahead of her engagements which are the area of women’s inclusion and empowerment.

  • Celebrating Africa First Ladies: Egypt’s Entissar Amer:

Often described as mothers to the nations their husbands lead, Africa’s first ladies are often expected to be unifying figures, serving the president of the nation and the voters who entrusted him the mandate to lead. A first lady by definition is the wife of the head of state, and it therefore follows that most African nations led by a male president, has a first lady. As of March 2019, all African countries have male heads of state. The last female head of state who led an African nation was Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whose tenure expired in January 2018.

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