Good News from Africa

Corporate Good News from Africa

  • Female Entrepreneurs lobby launches in Kenya:

The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBW), a lobby bringing together female entrepreneurs from 54 member States, Tuesday launched its local chapter as it looks to further empower women economically across the region. The Kenya office comes two years after CBW Africa was launched at the end of 2017 as a strategic regional partner to Commonwealth business women working towards empowerment and leadership. “It is what is called the Commonwealth Advantage. It is exciting to see CBW Kenya Chapter launched. The network will support women and help them grow their businesses for the country’s prosperity,” said CBW-Kenya Director Dr Josephine Ojiambo. CBW is recognized by the 54 official Commonwealth governments across five continents. To kick start operations of the local chapter, CBW-K will host an event on 18th September 2019 in Nairobi that will include an exhibition show casing positive contributions in women empowerment programmer within the CBW – K network.

  • Adopt policies that can help in jobs creation:

The International Youth Day that was marked on August 12 was preceded by a national youth week. This was an opportune time to celebrate the youth’s contribution to nation-building besides reflecting on the challenges facing them. The Constitution prescribes a youth as a person aged between 15 to 35 years. and they account for 32 percent of the total population. In the year 2003, the Narc administration introduced affirmative policy strategies to enhance youth capacities and abilities and probably expedite the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Meanwhile, thousands of youths fresh from colleges join the job market yearly, but only a few get absorbed in spite of their qualifications. Ironically, the Federation of Kenya Employers has expressed concern about the human capital churned out by our institutions of learning, regarding lack of appropriate skills and expertise required in the market. Establishment of a ministry purposely handling youth affairs was a starting point in youth empowerment and a platform for the advancement of targeted affirmative actions.

  • Treasury ups domestic debt target to Sh300 billion:

The Treasury has raised the domestic borrowing target for the current financial year that started in July by Sh16.8 billion, hinting at a possible shortfall in projected tax revenue. Acting Treasury Secretary Ukur Yatani has in a gazette notice increased to Sh300.31 billion the fresh debt to be borrowed from domestic investors, which is 5.9 percent more than the Sh283.5 billion read in the June 13 Budget Statement by then Treasury CS Henry Rotich. The Treasury is facing a lower debt repayment burden this fiscal year with domestic maturities projected at about Sh122.58 billion, 44.37 percent less than the Sh220.4 billion that matured in the year ended June 2019.”It is currently not yet clear what drove the upward adjustment,” Standard Investment Bank (SIB) said in a note sent out to investors Tuesday. The government ordinarily raises its borrowing targets to plug shortfalls in tax receipts.

Kindly note that the above mentioned news have been extracted and googled thru the various local news papers from African continent
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