Good News From Africa

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The below are good News from Africa

  1. Englishmen defeat Congolese wrestles in mini-tournament:

Two English wrestlers, Steve Morocco and George Castano, paraded the streets of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to celebrate their victory. In the combat at Kinshasa stadium, the Congolese wrestlers who tried to take their championship title, experienced grappling holds, and heavy punches that spelled outright defeat for them. The event organizers remain optimistic about the future of the event. “It’s a mini tournament that we organize between the British wrestlers who come from London and Congolese wrestlers’‘, Guy Momat, member of the event planning team said. This is the spirit, it lasts for 3 days in a row where the Congolese will experience the Congolese style and the British style of wrestling,’‘ he added.

  • Italian Oil Company Eni discover new light oil in Angola’s deep offshore:

Italian oil company Eni, revealed on Tuesday the discovery of a new light oil in Angola’s deep offshore. With this discovery, up to 250 million barrels of light oil with further upside is expected. The production is also estimated at 10,000 barrels of oil per day. According to the company, this operation is the fourth largest commercial discovery since Eni launched its exploration project in mid-2018, in Angola. The Ndungu-1 NFW well is located a few kilometers from Eni’s West Hub facilities, and has been drilled in a water depth of 1076 meters, and it reached a total depth of 4050 meters. t follows the discoveries of Kalimba, Afoxé and Agogo; the four discoveries altogether is estimated to contain up to 1.4 Billion barrels of light oil in place. This discovery will however, boost Angola’s oil production and increase the financial wherewithal of a country still dependent on oil, despite efforts to diversify its economy.

  • Cameroon’s amateur child Engineer build miniature bulldozers from recycled materials:

A 16-year-old engineering apprentice, Awa Bless Chi, who fled the violent English-speaking Cameroon, finds home in Douala and explores his talent of building miniature bulldozers from recycled materials. His creativity is captivating, generating amusement in his fans and passerby who enjoy watching him ‘‘cruze’‘ in his bulldozer or a miniature tank made from recycled materials. In spite of his enthusiasm towards creating theses miniature machines, his biggest dream is to go back to school to continue his education. “I couldn’t go to school anymore because of the crisis. To do something useful, I made things. In Bamenda, there were no activities because of the dead cities (imposed by the armed separatists, editor’s note), so I decided to move to Douala, which is more secure,” he said. In the country’s economic capital, where he has been living with his brother-in-law for a month, the teenager recovered cardboard remains, plywood pieces, bamboo pieces and a little scrap metal.

  • Eritrea’s 28th independence day: Reason for Haddish’s trip home:

Eritrea celebrates its 28th independence day and it is the reason American comedienne Tiffany Haddish is heading back to the Horn of Africa nation to join the celebrations. The first hint of her journey to Asmara was via an Ethiopian Airlines post on Thursday evening as Tiffany boarded in Washington. On Friday morning, two photos posted by the airline showed Haddish aboard in one and in a group photo with staff in the other. In a video making the rounds on Twitter, Haddish said: “Hello everyone, it’s me Tiffany Haddish and guess what, I’m going to Asmara for independence day. Hmmm “I’m expecting good food, fun, camaraderie, see my family, my people; you know… just good times and I can’t wait to go to the island and see if I can get me one of the nice husbands.”

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Good News From Africa

  1. Microsoft to spend $100 million on Kenya, Nigeria tech development hub:

Microsoft Corp will invest $100 million to open an Africa technology development center with sites in Kenya and Nigeria over the next five years, the company said on Tuesday. “The future of the world in terms of labour work force is here in Africa and we started working about infrastructure that is needed in order to un tap that opportunity, and give the opportunity for all the African countries in order to do the bridging in the details cap. So one of the things we created is first we announced, like two months ago, a full data center in South Africa that creates infrastructure,” said Jaime Galviz, Microsoft’s COO and CMO for the Middle East and Africa. Global tech giants, including Alphabet Inc. and Facebook, have been increasing investment on the continent in recent years to take advantage of growing economies with rising access rates to the internet by a youthful population.

  • FIFA World cup trophy returns to France after 24 hours tour:

The Women’s World Cup trophy returns to France on Tuesday. The trophy conducted a whistle-stop tour of 24 nations who will take part in the tournament. The most coveted prize in women’s soccer went on display at a primary school in Paris. “Today we’ve exceeded 770,000 in tickets sales which is amazing. We’re ahead of our time limit. We’re lucky to have foreign fans who are getting behind it, obviously Americans fans will come in great numbers but also lots of Dutch fans. For example, the match in Valenciennes which is already sold out and we’ve been told that there are more than 13,000 Dutch fans who will be there. We also have a strong English community who will be present ‘’, said Director of Women’s World Cup Organization Committee, Erwan Le Provost.

  • ‘Take your Place’: Ghana hosts historic African Women’s Sports Summit:

The maiden edition of a sports summit to be led exclusively by women is set to be held in Accra, capital of Ghana. The May 15 event dubbed Africa Women’s Sports Summit is the brainchild of one of Africa’s influential sports journalists, Juliet Bawuah. “The Program is designed to bring leading female sports names and aspiring ones together, for a one-day session on career and coming from behind to lead.

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Good News from Africa

  1. Malian Nurse helps her city back to health:

Mali’s rampant conflicts have led to thousands fleeing the country in search of safer places. This was the case of Jamilla Amadou, who fled the town of Gao in 2012 when extremist groups occupied the northern city. But she decided to return home after years in exile to use her skills in nursing, to help rebuild her city despite the insecurity. “We care for patients. People come with all kinds of ailments — malaria, diarrhea, typhoid fever, stomach problems, high blood pressure. We see a lot of children, even more than adults. That’s very important. ”The 50-year-old says most of the patients she receives are mainly those displaced by conflict.

  • Nigeria widows get major win in shell case:

The widows of nine Nigerian activists executed in 1995 got a major boost on Wednesday when a Dutch court ruled that it had jurisdiction to determine whether Royal Dutch Shell was complicit in the Nigerian government’s execution of their husbands. The men who came to be known as the Ogoni Nine, were environmental activists who fought against widespread pollution in the Niger Delta. The four widows accuse Shell of instigating a deadly crackdown by the military government of the time against peaceful protesters in Ogoniland, in the Niger Delta, the most valuable oil-producing region in Nigeria.

  • Rwandan cosmetics business booms:

Uburanga or Beauty in English has succeeded in becoming a sought-after brand in the Rwandan cosmetology market. The company has six product lines and 20 employees. Its founder Cephas Nshimyumuremyi, said he started this business with $10.Since 2012, ‘‘Uburanga’‘ has 5,000 distributors across Rwanda. Today, the company’s value is estimated at $40,000.We make sure that the products we manufacture are intended in particular for Africa and that they are natural.

  • Guinea: Train to transport bauxite in service soon:

Guinea’s new railway line will begin the transportation of bauxite by June 2021.The international SMB-Winning consortium responsible for the $3 billion project made the announcement, Friday. The project aims to exploit new bauxite deposits in the Santou and Houda region (250 km north of Conakry), then to transport and process the ore for export, thanks to an alumina refinery to be built in the Boké special economic zone, a city close to the border with Guinea-Bissau. The construction of this 135-kilometre railway will be carried out by two Chinese companies. Guinea derives most of its income from the exploitation of mines such as bauxite, making it the 3rd largest producer in the world. Conakry thus aims to catch up on its infrastructure backlog in order to exploit its rich mining potential, in particular. The international SMB-Winning consortium, composed of Guinean, Singaporean (40%) and Chinese (23%) interests, will operate the railway for 33 years, before returning it to the state, on the basis of a public-private partnership.

  • Bio-Diversity heroes: The teenagers saving Madagascar’s wildlife:

The island nation of Madagascar has a dubious accolade: it is the world-leader in deforestation. Now, some of the island’s teenagers have started a farming revolution – working to stop food production from destroying the island’s rich rainforest. We crouch low – backpacks at our feet – gripping the sides of that canoe as it is expertly steered across the water. We are less than 100 miles from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, but this is a stark reminder of just how remote the communities of this protected area are. When we have crossed the river, it is still a two-hour walk to Mangabe village. We’re going there to meet a group of Malagasy teenagers – young famers who are leading a small but vital revolution – transforming how people farm in order save their forest.

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Good News from Africa

  1. Ivanka Trump in Ethiopia hails Addis Ababa as ‘Africa’s highest city’:

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the United States president and advisor at the White House on Sunday morning arrived in Ethiopia – the first leg of her two-nation African tour. On arrival at the Bole International Airport, she tweet: “Just landed in Addis Ababa – the diplomatic capital of Africa and the continent’s highest city! ”Ethiopia as the diplomatic capital of Africa is premised on the fact that it hosts the offices of the African Union Commission. The World Atlas portal says Addis Ababa was Africa’s highest capital in terms of altitude with 2355 meters, equivalent to 7726 feet. It seems to be the metric used in labeling it the ‘highest capital. ’She has since met with Ambassador Michael Raynor and other top officials of the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa ahead of her engagements which are the area of women’s inclusion and empowerment.

  • Celebrating Africa First Ladies: Egypt’s Entissar Amer:

Often described as mothers to the nations their husbands lead, Africa’s first ladies are often expected to be unifying figures, serving the president of the nation and the voters who entrusted him the mandate to lead. A first lady by definition is the wife of the head of state, and it therefore follows that most African nations led by a male president, has a first lady. As of March 2019, all African countries have male heads of state. The last female head of state who led an African nation was Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whose tenure expired in January 2018.

Good News From Africa

  1. 50 years rule toppled by popular protests: Algeria, Sudan uprising.:

It has been a huge last ten days for African politics with fifty years of presidential rule between two leaders grinding to an end with striking similarities. Abdul-Aziz Bouteflika of Algeria would perhaps be the most shocked by the turn of events given that all was “well” not necessarily with him but with his ambitions to continue in office. In the case of Omar al-Bashir, political watchers had stressed that it was only a matter of how longer he could hold on especially given the dogged nature of the opposition he was facing. The two men fell to a common opponent – popular protests that had very little political involvement. In each case, concessions at different points might have emboldened the protesters.

  • CAF’s AFCON 2019 draw in Egypt: All you need to know:

The continent’s football governing body, the Confederation of African Football, CAF, is all set to conduct the draw for the 2019 African Cup of Nations, AFCON.CAF said its Executive Committee at a meeting on Thursday, 11 April 2019, in Cairo, Egypt approved the draw procedure for the tournament slated for Egypt later this year. The procedure was proposed by the Organizing Committee at its meeting 24-hours earlier. The draw takes place in Egypt on Friday evening. The pots and seeding of the 24 qualified teams were decided based on the latest FIFA World rankings (released 4 April 2019), which is globally accepted and portrays a true reflection of the state of the qualified teams.

  • Egypt uncovers the remains of a powerful ancient priest:

Archeologists on Sunday streamed live the discovery of a 2,500-year-old remains of a powerful ancient Egyptian high priest at Al-Glorify, a remote site about 165 miles south of the capital, Cairo. Inside the Priest’s stone sarcophagus covered in gold banding was a very well preserved mummy. Within the inner chambers of the burial site experts also discovered two other mummies. Archeologists recently uncovered a network of ancient tunnels and tombs containing 40 mummies “believed to be part of the noble elite.”

  • 2019 World Travel Market Kicks off in Cape Town, South Africa:

Travel professionals from over 70 countries have converged in Cape Town, South Africa for the World Travel Market, a networking event with leading travel and tourism players. The international event provides a platform to showcase travel and tourism products to potential buyers. “This year we have over one thousand buyers from all over the world and one of the main criteria used to source these buyers is the purchasing power on the African continent. They need to demonstrate to us that they indeed purchase true products, destination products on the African continent for us to be able to invite them to the exhibition. That has been demonstrated through the quality of buyers that we brought from the US and European market from the Middle East and so forth even from Africa as well,” Papy Luzala, the event organizer said.

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Good News from Africa

  1. Eritrea diplomacy  hits top: Team visits Mogadishu, Cairo, Riyadh:

Eritrea’s diplomatic engagements have been vibrant especially in late March through to April 10. Foreign Minister Osman Saleh has been to six capitals in a space of two weeks. His most recent being to the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, where he met with the King Salman bin Abdelaziz delivering a letter from President Isaias Afwerki’s to the host. Minister of Information, Yamane Meskel said, Afwerki’s letter contained words of gratitude for Saudi role in supporting the Eritrea – Ethiopia peace deal of July 2018. The two nations signed a peace deal in Riyadh last year.

  • China gives AU $2m for capacity building efforts:

The African Union Commission, AUC, on Wednesday confirmed receipt of two million dollars from the Chinese government. The amount was handed over via a cheque from the Ambassador of China to the AU, Liu Yuxi. It was received by the deputy chairperson of the AUC, Kwesi Quartey. “I had the honor and privilege to receive once again, on behalf of the Commission, a cheque for US$2 million from the Amb. of China to the AU, for the Commission’s capacity building Programme. “We are thankful to the Government and People of China for their continuous support,” the AUC deputy head wrote on Twitter. Photos attached showed him in a handshake with the ambassador and with the two signing a document.

  • Algeria’s First post- Bouteflika poll- scheduled for July 4- Presidency:

Algeria will hold a presidential election on July 4, the interim presidency said on Wednesday after weeks of mass protests led to the resignation of long-serving leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika. No further details were immediately given. On Tuesday, interim president Abd-el-Kader Bensalah had said he would organize free elections within 90 days. Earlier on Wednesday, Algeria’s army chief said he expected to see members of the ruling elite in the major oil and natural gas-producing country prosecuted for corruption and that he would support a transition towards elections. Lieutenant General Gaid Salah’s comments were the strongest hint yet that the military would play its traditional role as kingmaker after the ailing 82-year-old Bouteflika bowed to popular pressure and quit on April 2 after 20 years in power.

  • Six year old DJ thrills crowd in South Africa:

At the age of six, DJ arch junior holds the Guinness World Record for the youngest DJ club and is also the 2015 winner of the South African Got Talent Competition. The young South African student started mixing music at a very young age.

  • RwandAir to launch direct flights to DRC’s Kinshasa:

Rwanda’s national airline will this month launch direct flights to the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo. The development is significant as the two countries make efforts to harmonies bilateral and trade relations, that have in the past been derailed by conflict and suspicion. DRC is Rwanda’s main export destination, accounting for 86.9 per cent of Kigali’s informal cross boarder exports, according to the local New Times media portal. RwandAir said it will operate three weekly direct flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from its Kigali hub to N’Djili International Airport, DR Congo’s largest airport. “This new route will support our growth and increase our footprint in Africa. We also believe the addition of Kinshasa will boost business and strengthen commercial ties between the two countries” said Yvonne Makolo, RwandAir chief executive officer.

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