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Which countries have the Highest Paying Jobs In Africa?



Thanks to growing economies and the improving political situation in many African countries, Africa now has plenty of job opportunities  to explore.

The entry of large multinational companies into Africa has further opened up a competitive job market that is constantly in search of top talent from across the continent, as well as across the globe.


So where are the best paying jobs in Africa?




Zambia is an attractive destination for professionals looking for a place to find well-paying   jobs; Zambia witnessed rapid economic growth between 2000 and 2014, with an annual average growth of 7.3%. In the same period, the GDP per Capita went up by 4.3%.

Zambia has vibrant financial and banking sectors, large telecommunication giants, and mining corporations.  As always, salaries are paid according to an individual’s cumulative professional experience, industry, and job grade/level.


South Africa


South Africa is one of Africa’s powerhouse economies with numerous opportunities for professionals looking to advance their careers. Most of the highest paid professionals in the country include lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, software engineers, architects, and petroleum controllers.




Namibia has a fairly well developed economic landscape, which has ultimately generated plenty of job opportunities for both locals and immigrants. . One of the most lucrative industries that pay well in Namibia is the aviation industry.

Given the high number of multinational companies in Namibia, the perks offered for jobs, especially mid and senior level careers, meet the expectations of many professionals. It is a good country for a professional looking for careers  in Africa.




Mauritius is a tiny Indian Ocean island; however, it is popular around the continent and globe for its good governance, political stability and robust economy. Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the continent’s most competitive economies, and has continued to experience steady and consistent growth patterns

It’s a hub for various key sectors such as tourism, economic processing zones, and financial services.  According to a World Bank Report, Mauritius is the best country in Africa for doing business. Because of its impressive economic and political system, this island is a haven for professionals looking for well-paying jobs in Africa.

Some of the best industries for jobs in Mauritius are the finance, manufacturing, business outsourcing, and tourism sectors.




Tanzania has enjoyed relative political stability that has enabled positive economic growth.  Tanzania’s economy grew rapidly in 2016, ranking it among the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The best paying sectors are insurance and financial services, mining and quarrying industry and jobs such as lawyers, medical doctors, chief executive officers, finance managers, NGO employees, pilots, financial analysts, and oil and gas engineers




Ghana is known to be Africa’s democracy powerhouse, boasting of a well-established political and governance system that has been instrumental to the country’s economic growth.

In 2011, Ghana was named the fastest growing economy in the world. The country’s economy is driven by both oil and non-oil sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive, and ship construction, exportation of digital technology goods, as well as exporting rich resources like industrial minerals and hydrocarbons.

Because of the vibrant economy, Ghana is a top destination for professionals looking for well-paying jobs in Africa.




This Northern African country has long been known to have a vibrant and stable economy. For this reason, Morocco is a great destination for expatriates looking for well-paying jobs in Africa.  The country’s economy is diverse and market-oriented. Because it is located near Europe, it is also well supported and well developed.

Due to an increase in foreign investment and multinational companies, there are plenty of successful job opportunities around Africa.




Libya is among the top African countries in which lucrative jobs can be found. Libya is also one of the world’s ten richest oil-producing countries. Being an oil-rich country, the economy is in good condition and has plenty of career opportunities.

Despite political challenges, Libya’s job market remains lucrative for many professionals seeking good career opportunities. Other top industries with well-paying careers are banking and finance, health industry and engineering jobs.



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The Transformation of the CFO


(Strategy + business)

In the 1980s very few companies had CFOS. However, in the last two decades the role of finance leader went through a major transformation and the CFO has become a major and integral part of any company.  The financial information manager became business partner, raising and allocating the capital used for growth, and advising business units on potential problems and risks.


Today, the role is being transformed again—to be a catalyst for change, helping companies focus on the capabilities that drive value It’s more of a leadership role  versus the support role it was 10 years ago. Moreover, unlike most other change agents, CFOs control the costs. The more strategically they use this leverage, the more the entire company prospers.


The CFO has to find a solution for the business unit that reflects an understanding of its competitive environment and customer demand—while helping organise the company strategy and overall growth.  The CFO is a collaborative partner in the business and gains respect.


Five key characteristics exemplify the new CFO: a holistic perspective encompassing the entire value chain, insight into business drivers (and the ability to communicate that insight to others), an eye for the right kind of talent, a facility for culture change, and the integrity and interpersonal skills needed to pull all these together.

Not the CV; Big Data helps recruit employees

(ft.com) Large players like Xerox now analyse personal data to determine the fate of job candidates. Big Data and complex algorithms are playing a big role in helping companies recruit with far-reaching consequences for job seekers and recruitment agencies  alike.


Xerox also  runs call centres for many outsourced services.  For recruitment of suitable workforce  for it’s call centres, it  has recently teamed up with Evolv which uses data sets of past behaviour to predict everything from salesmanship to loyalty. Candidates were put across a screening test covering a variety of questions. The results are surprising! Candidates who would never have a chance based on their CV are called for interviews.  For Xerox, this system seems to be working and the results are positive.


With offices becoming more automated, in recruitment, big data enables you to analyse volumes of data that in the past were hard to access and understand. Understanding the impact of social media on their business, headhunters are now using social media and job sites to recruit for professionals with specialised skills. Social media also helps job seekers to find the companies and locations which are the best match for their skill sets.


But will Big Data be effective for executive recruitment? Many employment agencies still believe that big data may not be a great idea while hiring senior executives. But as more companies start to analyse their employee data to make hiring decisions, using big data could be a new trend and recruitment could finally become more of a science than an art?

Careers in Africa : Finance and Administrative Controller, Construction Sector, Angola

Company Brief: Our respected client is a leading Angolan construction company and is a pioneer in the field. Their large client database and high quality standards mean they are always on the lookout for top professionals for careers in Africa with them.

• Designation: Finance and Administrative Controller

Location:  Angola

Brief Profile: The desired candidate will be a CA/ ICWA/ MBA (Finance) with Exposure in Construction Sector speaking Portuguese, English and /or French. The incumbent will be responsible for Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Legal, logistics, general service and purchases ensuring efficient management of each department with the budget.

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African expatriates in Ethiopia

As more jobs are created in Africa, how attractive it is for professionals from other Africa countries to find vacancies in the rest of Africa and make careers here? What advise do Africa recruitment agencies give expat Africans?


VENTURES AFRICA –. Ethiopia is Africa’s fastest growing non-oil economy. Once poverty ridden.  It is growing fast to become Africa’s lion economy, attracting investment and creating jobs in Africa. Modernity has brought with it interesting careers in Africa.


Two young African professionals who work in Ethiopia, Africa share their experience.


Will their positive experience inspire more young professionals to seek opportunities within borders and explore the rich work experiences that might exist within the continent?


Chat with Gamu Tagwireyi, Zimbabwean



Gamu Tagwireyi works as a  Child Protection Specialist. She support programs on Law Reform on Child Rights in Africa and has lived here for 8 months.


The country is safe, and cost of living it generally reasonable.  She likes the rich culture and heritage, the diversity of its people, the cosmopolitan features of the capital city Addis Ababa, the food, security and economic development.


Prices are high for  foreigners and expatriates. The tax rates are hindering development. The health sector needs a lot of developing to meet international and regional standards.


Addis Ababa is the political, social and economic capital of Africa. There are great opportunities to learn, expand, network here. It is definitely a place that can make you develop and make a head start to your career.


Chat with Chernor Bah, Sierra Leonean 


Chernor works for Nike Foundation as a brand manager. He has been here eleven months, for work, to start a project.


Cost of living here is higher than in his own country. There is respect for family and traditions. Addis is a modern city. He likes the organized chaos and the fact that there is an active night life.


He finds it is a closed society and the business environment is very closed. There are opportunities but there are not many entrepreneurs. Ethiopians are slow. They follow too many rules. Young Ethiopians need more exposure outside Ethiopia.


Where else does he want to make his career in Africa? He is fascinated by Botswana, Ghana and South Africa.

Africa – Future of Youths Grim without jobs

(allafrica.com) Lack of jobs in Africa is an urgent and pressing problem.


Unless African governments and policy makers take urgent steps to improve good governance, provide quality education, health and create jobs in Africa their youth will not be able to compete with their counterparts in other regions of the world.


What prevents creation of jobs in Africa? Why can’t the locals have careers in Africa?


More than 80% of jobs in sub-Saharan Africa are in the informal sector. Renting an office in Lagos is more expensive than in Manhattan or Dubai.


Low education levels, lack of skills, youth unemployment increases with education level in Africa; job readiness is lacking so people find it difficult to find jobs in Africa. Sectors that drive GDP growth do not create the most jobs.


As the continents economy expands, companies need specific talent and skill sits. In case of talent not available locally, Africa recruitment firms look for suitable expatriates looking for careers in Africa.


There may be still no jobs in Africa for locals after a few decades though the continent will have the largest youth population and the largest work force in some years.



Are you a youth in Africa? Send us your views on the subject.


Job of the Day – SERVICE ENGINEERS (GENERAL AND UNIT SHOP-Automobile Sector), Nigeria

Company Brief: The Group is  involved in Pharma, Industrial Chemicals, Polyethylene, Automobiles, Steel, Plastic products, Table Water, Rice Mill, Electronics  in both importing and manufacturing, with a turnover exceeding USD 500 Million


•Location: Nigeria

• Brief job profile: The incumbent will be responsible to handle Service Operations for a KOREAN BRAND of cars.

• For more details Check: http://datum-recruitment.com/jobs-367.html